Searching for Something?

Everyday we search for something or the other on the internet. Stuff like ebooks, videos, pictures, etc. And for each of it, we goto different sites like Google, Youtube, Flickr, et al. This makes us quite uncomfortable sometimes. We may also forget some of the most useful sites and try to search in wrong and rather not-so-useful sites. Many of us wish that there's some site which has a collection of several different search engines so that we can choose the search engine we want and go ahead with the search.

Well, guess what? I came across a site called Joongel and I loved it. This site has around 200+ search engines grouped into different categories like images, videos, shopping, torrents and many more. Each group has 10 different sites; and there are 20+ groups. All you have to do is - give a keyword, select a category. You will be presented with the list of sites which you would like to search. Choose whichever site you want and Joongel will take you to that site with the desired results.


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