Maintianing your Privacy on Firefox...

Being a firefox fan, i was searching for the addons... and i Stumbled upon these few security addons.. but i think they can be great help for all the geeks around to carry on with their peeky stuffs...


The first one is the Stealther.... It allows you to browse the web in the stealth mode... It disables all the cookies, browsing history, cache files when you switch on the stealth mode.
This is similar to the Incognito mode in the Google Chrome. This allows you to browse the web safely without leaving any trace behind. I know this is already tickling your senses, Even i was insearch for such an addon from long time.
Distrust is a similar one that will help you browse in a private mode.

Close 'n' Forget

This one is a step ahead of Stealther... Suppose you forgot to switch on the private browsing mode and you come across a site and then it blinks to you that you forgot to switch on the private mode....What to do??? Close 'n' Forget comes to your rescue...!!
Just hit the special close button once you are finished and that site will be deleted from history and cookies cleared as if you had never visited the site.

If you want to Close the current tab and forget about the visit : suppress the related cookies and, if configured, the whole domain from the history.
Just install the close 'n' forget, find the new "close" button in the toolbar customization panel and drop it in your prefered place and just use it...


Do your tabs give you away? Why dont you change their names with TabRenamizer
This addon will let you play with the tab titles so that you can change them according to your will. With this you have 2 modes... The first one called the 'paranoid mode'.. which changes your tab names randomly... and the other 'custom mode' will allow you to rename the tabs with your custom names.

And thus with all these addons can play safe.... in future with your mozilla....!!


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