Windows 8 makes it to the Microsoft Roadmap

The Operating system gaint Microsoft has declared that it will release its next generation the successor of windows 7 by 2012. This Operating system named Windows 8 is rumored to be a 128 bit operating system. The company is co- working with Intel, AMD, HP and IBM for this 128bit machines which will be in markets by 2012.

Nothing much have been said about the features that its gonna have, but 3 years from now is a long way. And Microsoft having a hard time maintaining its timescale. Since Windows vista was delayed by 2 years, microsoft said that it wont have 5year gaps between its new launches. Then came windows 7 which is gaining market these days and in 3 more years lets hope windows 8 will have more to offer....


Google Chrome OS..."The Future has Arrived"

The Wave of Google chrome is already setting sails in our minds. The Features that are being claimed by the new OS being developed by the Search giant Google, named after its browser chrome are just astonishing.

The announcement made 4 months back was to develop the Operating system that will enhance the way people surf and would allow to embrace the internet in a more easy way than the conventional operating systems. They have announced that chrome OS will have a faster booting ability. It predicts that the time taken for you to start browsing will be almost same as the time needed to switch on your TeleVision. Your internet reachability will be enhanced to this extent, you wont need to start all your programs to get to internet and it means you literally have a booting time of less than 5 seconds. It would be a milestone in the history of the operating systems.

Google said that "It's basically a Web browsing machine"and they added all data in Chrome OS will automatically be stored in the cloud, but also cached on the computer's internal hardware to boost performance. This OS will have to get rid of the usual desktop softwares such as the office suite of Microsoft for its faster performance and when google already have its google docs running online, it think it wont be a difficult task for them to host the applications on the servers and run them based on the requirements of an individual.

And with all the data synched on the cloud, its a winning move for google to conquer the search market and also increase its revenue. With the advent of Chrome OS it would mean that more google searches and more google ads tending to increased revenues and profits.


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