Cracking the Root Password Part II

This is the sequel of my post hacking the ROOT

Here i would like to write about a new technique through which we can hack into the root.
This does not have limits... i mean to say this method can be used even if the grub of any system is locked down...
But both my methods the former one in the previous post and the one that i will present here all need physical access to the system...!!

This method requires the live cd.. preferably Ubuntu... since its simple

  • Insert the live cd and boot from the cd.
  • You can choose the option " Try ubuntu without any changes to your system"

- you need not have ubuntu installed on your harddrive.. u just need to boot it live.

  • let ubuntu boot up normally.... now go to System->Administration-> Users and Groups in the menu bar above.
  • you will have a "user settings" window poping up
  • just select root , click on properties and set the password by hand.Finally press ok
( sometimes you will also have to unlock , if you are not able to select root )
  • Now Shoot open the terminal.type su , it will ask for the password you just created.

  • Type fdisk -l in the terminal window. This will display the list of partitions on the harddrive. we are looking for a linux partition here.
  • next my linux drive here is /dev/sda2 or /dev/sda3 you will have to mount the partition. since i have two linux installed on my disk, let me work on my sda2 partition
  • lets create a folder to mount type mkdir /media/linuxpartition to create a directory.
  • now type mount /dev/sda2 /media/linuxpartition to mount the partition.
  • Now lets change the root type chroot /media/linuxpartition for my example here.
  • now you should have the command prompt symbol changed as shown below
  • Type passwd and enter the new password, and there you go... you have just changed the password for your linux root.
  • type reboot to restart the machine and login with your new password.. and enjoy...!!!
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