The new Graphene Technology for Data Storage!

It seems that every few months, companies come up with ways to cram more memory into flash drives -- the memory technology that makes things like iPods tick. In a few years, however, flash drive memory development as we know it will hit a brick wall and new techniques will be needed to increase capacity. That's where graphene comes in.

A single layer of graphite, which is used in the common pencil, graphene is composed of carbon atoms and looks like tiny chicken wire. In this configuration, it is an exceptionally strong material that efficiently conducts electricity.

Its circuitry can also be built at much smaller sizes -- less than 10 nanometers compared with the current 34-nanometer circuitry of the smallest flash memory devices. And perhaps most importantly, graphene memory can be stacked in three dimensions rather than arrayed in two, allowing for considerably more memory to be crammed into a single chip.

Wow!, in such a case- a 1TB iPOD would be of the size of the present day iPOD nano 3G!


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