Linux- Overrated?

While those who disparage Linux might have a point with regard to its appearance or the lack of drivers, they fail to see the larger issue. Linux is a success because it represents an alternative in an environment that is designed to help the powerful eliminate alternatives.

So often, the defense of Linux involves a price argument. More important than the free price is the freedom Linux and other GPL software represent. Lately, I have noticed a lot of bloggers disparaging Linux-based operating systems for all kinds of reasons, from aesthetics to business strategies.

Of these, Linux Hater's blog stood above the rest, and though his criticisms are generally valid, he completely misses the mark. Though we should never avoid holding Linux-based operating systems to the same standards as proprietary platforms, we must recognize that any shortcomings are minor in the context of all of the successes of Linux and open sourcesoftware.

Just check the blog, they make some really valid points.


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