Cracking the root password III

Long time back I had written about how to change the root user password before on ubuntu

But the method that i had described before is obsolete now... With ubuntu evolving, today that method in my previous post wont work.

I was trying to install windows 7 over the existing ubuntu and as you know the windows bootloader overwrites the boot sector and thus the grub got wiped out. Wanting to fix the grub, i logged in as a live user session after long time. But to my surprise.. i couldn't change the root user password as i mentioned in my previous post. Hence i went searching for the new way to change the root password because without the root password i wont be able to run install grub ...and other commands.

finally i found a more simpler way to crack this and reset the password.

if you run the command below from the terminal

:~$ sudo passwd root

it does the job, it asks for the new password and you can type in the key patterns you want and use it as the root user password. This should work on ubuntu 9.10 and the after flavors.


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