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"Linux is the world,Linux is freedom... blah blah blah". Everyone has heard such things and we keep hearing them. Even though linux has grown from a mere console to a user friendly interface in a short time frame, lets accept Linux is still in the growing phase. Its gonna take some time before the doors and windows are gonna shut and every house will have a penguin in their computers.

I agree when im talking about linux, initially its not for normal people. Its for science, using sophisticated tools, programming etc... But since the inception of Ubuntu, the attitude towards linux has changed. It has shown the world that linux is for everyone.

One of the most frustrating feature of linux is there are not many games that support the OS. Mostly because the windows has the market of household desktops still under its captivation and most of the games are developed considering windows in mind. I know we get many bundled up games with linux distros, but are they enough? What about the games like Counter strike, Need For Speed etc? Do linux have support for them? This is what i went on to explore... and thats when i stumbled upon this site... PlayonLinux
Its the software that can help you to install games and apps made for windows... Though it internally uses Wine.. it has a list of softwares and games that it supports and guarantee's that it can work on linux... I straight away installed this and yes.. it truly supports few of my favorite games which i was addicted on windows...

I'm yet to explore more on this.. Go ahead explore...PlayonLinux


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