Appnr - A Simpler Synaptic

I recently stumbled upon a website called Apparently, this happened to be one of the best sites that I have come across in a long time. Appnr has a reservoir of apps(1700+) exclusively for Ubuntu and provides a great way to find and install them. No more apt-gets, add/remove programs or even Synaptic Package Manager. Just click the button "install" and you're done. Leave the rest; your system will take care of it. Appnr is best suited for newbies who find it difficult to use command line or select packages. No more tears! With Appnr, software installation is just a click away. Another wonderful thing about this site is - its FREE! No registration required. You can install the applications straight from the site. With all these pros, I'm still struggling to find some cons for this site. Anyway, I do want to provide some screenshots of how things work.

1. Select a software that you want

2. Click Yes when it asks you to install

3. Downloads Relevant Packages

4. Installs Software

5. Finalizes Installation

6. Completes Installation

7. Installed Software - Works like a Charm!

As simple as that!


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