Chromifox- Now whats that?!


Now, this one's hilarious..Call it "an entwined fable" or call it a "shame of a game!". Firefox now has an all new interface!, a new theme for its browser has been designed by an unknown rip-off company!, and guess what's this theme fuss is all about?!.

Yeah, you guess it right..its a coat of Chrome on Firefox. Now, let's say "what's up!?" in unison to "Mr.Chromifox", a bright and soft blue theme for Firefox 3 on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, inspired by the appearance of the Google Chrome web browser.Lolz!

Chromifox, from the developer of Camifox, is another blatant rip-off of another default theme from another great open source web browser! This time, the target is Google Chrome, or more specifically Chromium, the open source project behind it. The clean lines, slick layout, and compact style of Chromium were the points of inspiration for this theme. Chromifox offers a coat of Chrome for Firefox.

Click here to download Chromifox!


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