The cons about Chrome!

We've all used Google Chrome since its release(2nd September) and we appreciate its speed, stability, etc. But now I think its time to talk about its cons. Well, I am a fan of Chrome though, yet there are some things that I hate about it.

1.  Installation.  Chrome is quite peculiar compared to other softwares when it comes to installation. While other softwares install in the usual "program files" directory, Chrome will be installed in Root:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome. This means, it has to be installed separately by each user.

2.  Tab-switching.  I used Opera and I felt very comfortable with the tab navigation where tabs are cycled in recently used order. But Google Chrome doesn't provide that. I agree that Chrome has come up with a new idea of navigating where alt+number combination leads you to that particular tab. But I don't think anybody would be so patient to count tabs and then press the combination.

3.  Lack of Plugins.  Most users who use Firefox or Opera are kind of addicted to add-ons which have apparently made their browsing "better". However, Chrome lacks add-ons and the only one that I saw was the greasemetal script which is a userscript runtime built for Chrome. Anyway, lets hope for some add-ons and widgets.

4.  BitTorrent Support.  Chrome doesn't support Bit Torrent (well, Opera does!). Ah! I think I'm expecting too much from Chrome. Hmm.. Nevermind.

5.  Ad Filtering.  Chrome also fails to support ad filtering. So the eye-catching unwanted ads are always there in front of you.

6.  Spatial Navigation.  Another thing that I hate about Chrome is that it doesn't have spatial navigation(ability to navigate between focusable elements). So it makes me use my mouse more than the keyboard, while filling forms et al.

7.  Mouse Gestures.  Contradicting the previous point, mouse gestures(which are pretty useful) are far away from development. Hope some addons help Chrome fill this gap.

8.  Where is RSS?  Chrome lacks another important feature - RSS Feeds. I don't know why Google failed to include this facility in Chrome. Damn! I must resort to some other browser for this.

Well, despite all these limitations, Chrome still rocks!!


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it certainly does

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