Search Forums with Omgili, BoardReader and BoardTracker

We all know that forums are a great place to get some awesome stuff; for FREE! We get softwares, games, OS - all cracked! We also get ebooks, music, videos, tv series and loads of things. However, almost all forums need registrations. And it's kinda bugging to register to many sites because of high chances of forgetting the passwords or even the sites sometimes. It's better to have a forum search engine.Omgili, BoardTracker and BoardReader are 3 forum search engines that I came across. These sites take your query and search over 40,000+ message boards to give you a consolidated result. Each of these results would take you directly to the corresponding post, so this would allow you to access the pages without registering.

Of the 3 sites, I find Omgili the most useful since the results are totally customizable as in you can set the criteria for timeframe as past month, past 3 months, and so on and you can also set the minimum number of replies, minimum number of discussing users as a criteria. It also shows you a buzz graph about the daily activity and a list of links referring to related forums. The other 2 sites have more or less the same feature.


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