Embedded Translator in Chrome

I'm starting to like Google Chrome these days...Today i discovered a new feature of Google chrome.. thats the embedded Google Translator which is available with the latest version of chrome browser.

Whenever you load a page which is not in the default language of the browser,a little bar will popup in the top of the browser just below the tab-bar in the window.
This will ask you for translating the current page in view to the default language.. it also shows to you, the language which the page is in.

Why dont you try it yourself .. http://www.desorganizadosanonimos.com/post/Organizacao-Total-Categorizacao-Pessoal.aspx. Click on the above link in your chrome browser.

If you are multilingual and you wanna read the text in its original scripts .. then you can disable the auto translator.

Disabling the translation bar:
  • Select the Tools tools menumenu
  • Select Options
  • Select Under the Hood tab
  • Uncheck the Offer to translate pages that aren't in the language i read checkbox
This will completely disable the autotranslate feature.
But there are other options. When you open other language pages.. from the options on the translate bar you can choose Never to translate the site or Never to translate the language. So next time you visit this site, the browser wont offer to translate the page.


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