6 Social Networking Extensions for Google Chrome

Chrome is an open source browser released by the internet giant Google in 2008.From the Netscape to this day the browsers have always played a vital role in the way to access the web. Browser has mostly been the integral component or a gateway to the world of internet .

With IE, Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, Opera and many more running in the race, the chrome has made its own mark in the user arena. With its most simplistic User interface and the minimal number of options and with my own experience i would like to say, chrome has evolved to be one of the fastest browsers today.

Social networking is an integral part of todays individual who are affiliated to the internet. It may be to keep in touch with your school friend or discussing the hot topics happening around or planning a new project or a party at your college its all happening on the networking sites.You decide which movie to go on the weekend, decide which book to read, discuss sports, current affairs etc... Social networks are the platform to express oneself and present it to the world in the way you want it to be.

Even though i'm a hardcore fan of Mozilla, i started using chrome. Mozilla has millions of plugins, which can be installed with the browser and with just a click, i can access all my friends updates on the social network sites..
Similarly in chrome there are extensions for few of my favorite networking sites...Let me start with the extension for

The extension called Facebook for chrome is just the thing i was looking for.I can directly access my wall, friends updates, other notifications.Just go to the link above and click on install and its done.. You dont have to restart the browser like in Mozilla which requires a restart after installing a plugin.

'Myspace-A place for friends' being the second in the race of social networks, the chrome extension alsois titled Myspace for chrome.This allows me to access to my profile, mail inbox, my pictures, friends status etc.

LinkedIn is the business social networking site. Here you can find the CEO's of biggest firms to the employee of a small organization. You can actually recommend people for a job, upload your education details, work experiences etc.The extension available for chrome doesn't allow you to do all of the above.. but it can help you to be updated with the news on linkedIn.You don't have to be logged in to check the updates..rather you just have to fill in the feed URL for your profile and it will get the feed whenever there is an update.

Orkut is similar to the social networking sites like facebook and myspace. you can add your friends and share your pictures etc.The chrome extension for ORKUT can give you access to your scraps, videos, pictures etc with just a click.

Even though Twitter cannot be claimed as a complete social networking site, but you can share you ideas with your followers in a message of just 180 characters.This is just the right place to share your links and other messages which you want your followers to know. With the name Chromed Bird the extension allows you to tweet, read your friends tweets, reply or share or retweet the same.

With all the Buzz happening around social networks, Google didn't wanna be left behind and hence they buzzed off with this new twitterlike application which comes with your gmail. This is again the place where you can actually send in messages to your Friends and share links.And with chrome buzz you can read the buzzing from your friends.. but i couldn't find a way to buzz back to my friends...The only disadvantage is you need to have a gmail account to get access to google buzz. So this one is only for the Google community.

With all the above extensions installed on my chrome browser, i can access my friends with just a single click and update them about anything i want to say or anything interesting happening around.The best thing i like about the extensions in chrome is that it doesn't require a browser restart unlike in Mozilla where it asks for the restart whenever you install a plugin.


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