FeedSquare for Google chrome

These days i'm using more of google chrome than any other browser.
I'm a regular user of google Reader. Today i came across an extension in google chrome which provides you with a new artistic user interface for your google reader.
Once you install this your google reader can be viewed in a beautifully arranged colorful squares like the screen shot i have attached.Some of the feed posts will also have an image preview.The best feature of this, which i liked is the categories on your google reader are listed horizontally above all the squares.If you click on one of the category, only the feeds or squares belonging to the category will highlight itself.Once you click on the feeds that you wanna read. The feeds from that website will show up horizontally arranged below.You can choose to read anyone of them or there are options to mark them all read.
You can also read all your buddies shared items,tag them etc. You can share items, you can change the background look from the option on the below right corner of the page. Currently you can choose either light or dark background.
This gives you a new refreshing look for the old plain list like look of the google reader.The link is feedsquare. why dont you give it a try.


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