Windows 7 Beta on USB?!

In addition to burning the ISO image of Windows 7 Beta on a DVD and installing the operating system from the media. Build 7000 can also be deployed via a USB stick. The Windows 7 Beta bootable USB created, the rest of the installation process is similar to the experience offered via DVD. However, the difference is that Windows 7 Beta can now easily be installed even on machines without a DVD drive. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit flavors of Windows 7 Beta are available for download via this link provided below and you will have to burn the bits on a DVD in order to get started.

Of course, the critical step in installing Win 7 Beta from a thumb drive is actually building the bootable USB stick. A key detail is to use Windows Vista or even Windows 7 Beta in the process, and not earlier releases of Windows. Users will need to open up Command Prompt, just enter cmd into the search box under the Start Menu, then right click the highlighted result and choose “Run as administrator.”

In order to build the bootable USB, users will need to turn to the Diskpart tool. Simply run the “Diskpart” command, followed by “List Disk.” Next, the USB stick has to be selected. To do so, run “Select Disk X” (while making sure to replace X with the number associated with the USB drive). Wipe all data from the stick with the “clean” command, and then set up a partition via: create partition primary, making it “active” and format the USB with “format fs=fat32 quick” finishing up by assigning it a drive letter with the “assign” command. After all these steps are complete, you will have to copy Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 from the DVD you burned with the downloaded bits to the USB. The bootable USB will be ready to install Windows 7 Beta.

Windows 7 Beta is available for download here.


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